LG LDS5040BB Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

LG needs no introduction when it comes to home appliances; their products are always in line with all the latest trends and innovations, and sometimes they’re even ahead of other brands. In what follows we are going to review the LG LDS5040BB Semi-Integrated Dishwasher and see what the advantages and disadvantages are. It is important to read as many reviews as possible and make sure they are unbiased, otherwise you can get tricked into purchasing a product that you don’t really need, that is less than you need or, just as worse, more than you need.


Dishwasher reviews are not only about telling you whether a product is good or bad, but also about helping you determine if said product is indeed what you’re looking for and what you need. That being said, read on and find out what we thought of this LG dishwasher.


First of all, the particular model we chose to present, the LG LDS5040BB Semi-Integrated Dishwasher comes with a smooth black finish all over, something which gives it a special elegance. Because it is semi-integrated, the design can be really important, so you want a product that doesn’t disrupt your interior design choices. However, the dishwasher can come in other color schemes as well, the options being White and Stainless Steel. The dishwasher’s control panel is on the front side of the appliance, and it is fitted with semi-integrated physical tactile buttons, as well as LED display. Other interesting features that you might find useful are the time remaining indicator, the rinse aid indicator, the over-flow detector, and the self-cleaning filtration system.

We like to point out that when a dishwasher has a self-filtration system, it only means that you will have to change the filter less often than you would with a different appliance. As for whether this is an advantage or disadvantage we can’t say for sure, because it is something you decide on. What we also liked about this LG dishwasher is that it is fitted with child lock and even delay start of up to 19 hours. It has a capacity for 14 place settings, and a Slim Direct Drive Motor which comes with a ten-year warranty. Even though just this part of the dishwasher receives such a long warranty, it is a good sign that LG has made a truly performing dishwasher which they trust will function well for a very long time.

The dishwasher has five wash cycles, as follows: normal, delicate, quick, power scrub and upper only. The tub is made from stainless steel, and you also have a SenseClean wash system, as well as sanitary rinse cycle and an extra rinse option. The spray arms have five multi-level water directions and, very importantly, a noise output of only 50 decibels.



Although many faults can be found with the LG LDS5040BB Semi-Integrated Dishwasher, we appreciate the fact that manufacturers chose to endow it with a multi-strategy warranty. If anything, it is more sincere and sort of gives you an idea of what the appliance does and how long certain parts can live; thus, if purchasing this model, you receive one year warranty for labor, two years for parts, five years for the control board and rack parts, the above-mentioned 10 years for the motor and lifetime warranty for the door liner and stainless steel tub! Although we mentioned all these at the cons department, it is in fact a great advantage, because it shows you how much LG trusts their products.

Seeing all these, it becomes hard to say that 50 decibels makes not for the most silent dishwasher on the market, and that five wash cycles is two cycles less than most dishwashers. All in all, there is little we can say about this LG model that could convince you not to purchase; if you have an average or large family, a dishwasher like this can make all the difference, but for smaller families it may just be too much, unless you like to cook a lot.

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